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If a style of sunglasses on the market men and women are doing

Intense temperature, so sunglasses have a position. But sunglasses in popular, but also caused a lot of general public concern: spend dozens of bucks to buy Sunglasses fly this? Buy a few hundred dollars of high imitation goods really gained? Reporter recently Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses found that this small domestic brand eyewear wholesale price is thirty or simply forty yuan, the market seller even claimed the price as long as 1 yuan manboobs, but no Replica Ray Bans Sunglasses good cheap possessions, the lack of national standard official certifications Sunglasses always let persons are uneasy. In addition , the seller in the high imitation possessions profits are Wholesale Ray Ban Glasses amazing, wholesale price of 70 yuan to sell a minimum of $300.
In the three eyeglasses city, an optical store, some well-known brands of glasses sell little, a large number of unusual brands are everywhere, and different brands of glasses at first glance very little difference. Staff Xiao Dalam told reporters that these labels can not be arbitrarily posted " up ", but domestic small labels. He said that according to the connection with doing glasses wholesale for years, the domestic Sunglasses subscribed small brands have more rather than 1 thousand.
"How any wholesale wholesale ray bans
law? " Begin to see the reporter pointed to a home-based goods with great curiosity, Xiao Yang said: "like off the reel flat hand mirror, mirror light from the from suppliers manufacturers generally 30 yuan a pair, sell a little polarizer but also about forty yuan a pair, if you want to wholesale, a set of the most I earn you a couple of yuan. " But he or she admitted that these small home-based brand glasses sold to prospects must be seventy or 50 yuan, reporters also have a harsh count of 100 percent return.
Reporter survey found the fact that, like the three glasses locale such a glasses wholesale markets, the domestic wholesale associated with small brands in the general 30 yuan to somewhere between $50, origin in Danyang, Taizhou, Guangzhou.
If the inexpensive market price of 30 yuan a pair of wholesale price is decreased, it is wrong. Reporters located from the shop, many retailers Sunglasses sell at least something like 20 yuan a pair of low prices, and also the owner marked "$4. 5", "5. 5 yuan" regarding "jumping"".
Why does a pair of sun glasses only Ray Bans Online sell 5. a few yuan? Owner happysoso advised reporters that their home will be factory direct sales of goods, coming from Zhejiang, Taizhou directly as soon as the purchase to get online to dispose of. He admitted that most of their goods are certainly not authentic commodities, but the price is very high. However , he is confident that even if male sunglasses only sell quite a few. 5 yuan, he at the same time earned some, but quite low profits.
"If a style of sunglasses on the market men and women are doing, the price of those who have the advantages of low, but if a brand to carry out less people, then the expense naturally go up, there will be a tad bit more profits. " It is announced that happysoso Ray Ban Replica
had offered for sale a called Arale spectacles, take goods as long as 2 yuan, but I also get only $0. 25. alone
Glasses have to rely on the quality of running, small profits together with quick turnover, the journalist asked the 4 unique price tag price of less than 29 yuan of the owner, achieved a similar conclusion. Reporters found the sale of 5. your five yuan a pair of sunglasses retail outlet in the next 30 days sold some sunglasses 326.
In front of some sort of Wu Liangcai store, typically the reporter saw a special offer could be the sales of domestic manufacturer sunglasses booth, asking soon after informed of these glasses are generally special offer sales Shanghai Sanlian Group homegrown. Do not examine these glasses as long as 75 yuan, $99, if not shattered code, but also to sell some four hundred or five hundred yuan, so you can rest assured that the good quality is guaranteed, the staff says. Indeed, did not Dcape Ray Bans
participate in the main special price of sunglasses for 200 to $600.
The main reporter picked up a pair of associated with 500 yuan "Oriental magnificence sunglasses wholesale price ask staff, while the other for you to say so , but stated to reporters to" one hundred or maybe more hundred yuan "laugh around the question. "One hundred or maybe more hundred yuan? Certainly not which means that expensive, it is said that his or her products. " The staff said it the sunglasses on the kiosk are triple group commissioned by a manufacturer in Fujian, compared to the wholesale market, human eye these sunglasses must be a whole lot better, but the profit is too excellent to go".

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